...what the bible is about

Good News for Those Who Wonder tells the biblical story for those who feel overwhelmed by reading the Bible all the way through. Good News allows you to comprehend the core story of that large book. In ninety pages, Dr. Miller brings you the major biblical events and people placing them in their historical settings and the context of the Bible's faith story. This book tells the saga of the Bible.

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Three Prayers


This brief book reflects on three simple prayers:

  • Lord have mercy
  • thee I adore
  • into they hands

In reading this beautiful meditation, you will come to love the way these prayers may guide your own prayer experience and life's journey.

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Fair Winds

and Following Seas

remembering Mike Miller

Here is an eclectic collection of stories and tributes from those who knew and loved Mike. Here also is a selection of Mike's writings and sermons.

In reading this book with its variety of perspectives on Mike's life, you will come to know a man who shone like a faceted diamond reflecting Christ's light in ways that were visible to people across the country and around the world.

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